Monday, March 18, 2013


The good peeps over at MOO.COM sponsored me with some product and let me explore what I would do with it. Since I really dig the tiny stickers they produced, I ordered a whole mess of them covered in my designs, murals, art, and logos.
(Btw you can order your own stickers by clicking here!)

Now the fun part, what to do with them?
The good people @moo Just laced me up with some cool #stickers can't wait to start using them! I think this is gonna be a great relationship! #graffiti #street #art  #

Obviously I can stick them up everywhere...always fun!

Or I can start customizing everything I too!
Man One Respirator #customized #moo #stickers #freshair #izzigadgets

But I decided to work on some mini-projects like this one, transforming my
boring sunglass case into a mini portfolio of sorts.

This is how I did it:

Took my favorite stickers of this batch:

Carefully lined them up...

BAM! Instant mini portfolio sunglass case!

Almost feels like I got a new pair. Take that Ray-Ban!

Let's see what I do next with MOO!


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