Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We had a quick midnight paint session at the local skatepark, Rosy Skate and Surf, the other nite.
Rocked a little piece with the fellas, here are some pics thanks to our local
latino Mr. Melvin!

DSC_0141 [800x600]

Mr. Pablizzle...
DSC_0140 [800x600]

Derry's most notorious...
DSC_0152 [800x600]

Me and Melvin, boy he's tall!...
DSC_0168 [800x600]

My final shot...
DSC_0177 [800x600]

The local homies...
DSC_0199 [800x600]

Signing off...
DSC_0155 [800x600]

More pics here click here.



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