Thursday, September 18, 2008

"I'm a PC" in the new Microsoft Commercial

So these commercials for Microsoft just started airing tonite.
Who knows how many I'll end up in, but here are two of them.

"I challenge the law..."

"This is my office.."

Some behind the scenes shots:


Lennox said...

Yeah man! Props.

I like your office.

G said...

I watched the Microsoft commercial today and had to take a double take. Did I just see a graffiti artist in a Microsoft commercial? That is awesome!

Congratulations in being featured in a commercial with the richest man in the world.

sophan said...

what up man,
did anyone tell you your spot in venice alley got dissed. i wouldn't even bother doing it again. there are a bunch of nuckle heads in that alley. i live there i should know. feel me.

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